[eclipse-users] Overflow of Global/trail stack Error

From: David Tian <D.Tian-2_at_...14...>
Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2006 00:11:32 +0000

I used "-g3G" option set eclipse to take maximum 3GB of global/trail stack at
runtime. However, my program crashed with the following error:

*** Overflow of the global/trail stack in spite of garbage collection!
You can use the "-g kBytes" (GLOBALSIZE) option to have a larger stack.
Peak sizes were: global stack 131008 kbytes, trail stack 19136 kbytes

I thought the amount of global/trail stack was not enough and checked the stacks
usage for previous session using "statistics." and got the following

global_stack_used:      1192 bytes
global_stack_allocated: 4259840 bytes
global_stack_peak:      134152192 bytes
trail_stack_used:       200 bytes
trail_stack_allocated:  2162688 bytes
trail_stack_peak:       19595264 bytes

I expected to see that global_stack_peak was as big as 3GB, but
global_stack_peak (134152192 bytes) was alot less than 3GB. Does this mean it
was not the shortage of memory which caused the program to crash? So what could
cause my program to crash and caused the error message to be displayed?

Many thanks,
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