[eclipse-users] Eclipse on Macosx 10.4

From: Philippe de Rochambeau <phiroc_at_...22...>
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2006 09:28:41 +0100

has anyone managed to successfully build Eclipse on Macosx 10.4?

The INSTALL file says should set the ECLIPSETHIRDPARTY environment  
variable to /vol/Eclipse/thirdparty. However, there is no directory  
called thirdparty in the source directory. Furthermore, apart from  
gmp, none of the required third-party components are available from  
either darwinports.opendarwin.org or fink

    export ECLIPSETHIRDPARTY=/vol/Eclipse/thirdparty

     	this points to the location of third-party components that
	ECLiPSe builds interfaces for, e.g. gmp, cplex, xpress-mp,
	flexlm, graphviz, grappa.  Configure will detect the presence
	of components there and build interfaces if possible.

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