[eclipse-users] ECLiPSe jobs with Cisco

From: Joachim Schimpf <jschimpf_at_...5...>
Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2006 17:03:20 +0100
Hi, I'm forwarding a job offer from Cisco Systems,
for an opportunity to work on the ECLiPSe CLP system.

-- Joachim


Cisco Systems, one of the largest and well known networking companies
is looking to recruit and hire an experienced Constraint Logic
Systems Implementor in Boxborough, MA.

Two positions are available for the support and further development
of the ECLiPSe platform. ECLiPSe is a Constraint Logic Programming
System, owned by Cisco, and used in the area of network management
decision support applications. On September 21st 2006, Cisco
released ECLiPSe as open-source software to the general community.

Major Duties and Functions Include:
The position involves the continued maintenance of ECLiPSe, design,
development and integration of new components, support and training
for Cisco's ECLiPSe user community, and working with the open-source
user community towards further development of the platform.
Involvement with ECLiPSe-based application development and
simulation is also expected.

The successful candidate will be initially working with two
experienced ECLiPSe designer/implementors. The team will build
regular SW releases, and support users on a daily basis. Using
input from application developers as well as the research community,
new features and components will be designed and implemented or
integrated. This requires a high degree of originality and
capability in terms of design and architecture.

What You Need to Succeed:
Strong technical knowledge. Large systems engineering experience.
Theoretical background in Logic and Constraints. Ability to partner
and collaborate with all parties involved in product development.
Solve problems and make decisions. Establish clear and concise
plans. Proven ability to innovate. Willingness to continue learning.
Acknowledged technical expert on project. Typically requires MSEE/CS
combined with 3+ years of related experience, or BSEE/CS combined
with 5+ yrs related

The ideal candidate is an experienced software engineer and a
Constraint Programming and/or Logic Programming implementation
specialist.  Experience with ECLiPSe, ILOG-solver, CPLEX, or
another Constraint, Logic or Mathematical Programming platform
is required. A background in the areas of compiler construction,
runtime systems (virtual machines, memory management, garbage
collection), or development environments is highly relevant.
Familiarity with a Logic or Constraint Programming language,
and with C/C++ and Java is required. Familiarity with the
UNIX/Gnu tool chain is an advantage.

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