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Run a MiniZinc model using command line arguments


Runs a MiniZinc model, taking all the necessary parameters from the process command line. The recommended way to use this predicate is by calling eclipse from a command line as:

        eclipse -e minizinc:mzn_run -- [<options>] <model>.mzn [<data>.dzn]
(note the -- that separates eclipse's own arguments from the arguments interpreted by mzn_run/0).

The following options are recognized:

a minizinc model file, with mandatory .mzn extension.
a minizinc data file, with mandatory .dzn extension.
compute all solutions. This is currently only meaningful with satisfaction problems.
-b <solver>
selects the solver backend (fzn_ic, fzn_eplex, fzn_fd). The default is fzn_ic.
-d <datafile>
an alternative way to specify a data file.
-n <num>
compute at most the given number of solutions. This is currently only meaningful with satisfaction problems. Default is 1.
pass the --no-optimize option to mzn2fzn, which can improve performance on large models.
suppress all output printed to the log_output stream. Equivalent to calling set_stream(log_output,null).
-o <outputfile>
redirect regular solver output to the given file. Note that log_output, warning_output and error output are not redirected.
print the raw flatzinc output (corresponding to the flatzinc output annotations) instead of the postprocessed (via solns2out) output corresponding to the minizinc output items.
after each solution, print a statistics-comment as part of the output. Without this option, this information goes to the log_output stream, which can be suppressed if desired.
-t <seconds>
solver timeout in seconds. This does not apply to the Minizinc-to- Flatzinc translation (mzn2fzn), but only to the solver setup and search phases. With satisfaction problems, a timeout may lead to fewer solutions, with optimization problems to a suboptimal solution, or no solution at all.
Note: currently, only a single data file can be specified.

Modes and Determinism


   $ eclipse -e minizinc:mzn_run -- --no-log -a send-more-money.mzn 
   +  1085
   = 10652

See Also

mzn_run / 2, mzn_run / 3, flatzinc : struct(zn_options)