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fzn_run(+File, ++SolverOrOptions)

Run a FlatZinc model from a given file
File name (extension defaults to .fzn)
Name of solver mapping module, or zn_options-structure


Reads a FlatZinc model from a file, and interprets it using the solver mapping defined in SolverOrOptions. At the end of solving, results are printed to the output stream, timing and progress messages are printed to the log_output stream, warnings to the warning_output stream, and error messages the error stream. This predicate always succeeds.

Modes and Determinism


    ?- fzn_run("mymodel.fzn", fzn_ic).
	Found a solution with cost 10
	Found no solution with cost 7.0 .. 9.0
	end = 10
	b1 = 1
	b2 = 0
	b3 = 1
	b4 = 0
	Objective value = 10
	Total time 0.031s cpu (0.016 setup + 0.000 search)

See Also

fzn_run / 1, fzn_run_stream / 2