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sbds_initialise(+Array, ++VarDimNames, ++ValueDimSpec, +SymSpecs, +Options)

Initialises the data structures required by the SBDS algorithm
Array of (integer) decision variables
Names for the dimensions of Array
Name of the value dimension and its range
List of symmetry specifiers
List of extra options


Sets up the data structures required to perform an SBDS search. Array is an array containing the (integer) search variables, SymSpecs defines the symmetries of the problem, with VarDimNames and ValueDimSpec providing some extra required information; these four arguments are the same as the first four arguments of construct_group/8: please see the documentation for that predicate for a complete description of these arguments and details of the supported symmetry specifiers.

Options is a list of options which modify the way the search progresses. Currently no options are supported.

During search, use sbds_try/2 or sbds_try/3 on variables from Array when making search decisions.


This predicate is sensitive to its module context (tool predicate, see @/2).

See Also

sbds_initialise_set / 5, sym_expr : construct_group / 8, sbds_try / 2, sbds_try / 3