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Take the suspension list associated with the symbolic trigger Trigger and schedule them for execution.
An atom.


Suspensions in ECLiPSe go through several stages: They are created, attached to variables or symbolic triggers, later scheduled for execution, and finally executed.

The task of schedule_suspensions/1 is to take suspensions from the global suspension list associated to the symbolic name Trigger, and schedule them for execution. The suspensions are inserted into a global priority list, according to their individual priority. A subsequent wake/0 will then actually execute them.

If no suspensions are associated to Trigger, schedule_suspensions/1 just succeeds and does nothing.

Modes and Determinism


[eclipse 1]: suspend(writeln(world), 2, trigger(hello)),
        schedule_suspensions(hello), wake.  

See Also

demon / 1, insert_suspension / 3, insert_suspension / 4, make_suspension / 3, get_suspension_data / 3, attach_suspensions / 2, trigger / 1, wake / 0