Re: setarg/3: Meaning of "aliased"

From: Kish Shen <>
Date: Thu 25 Aug 2005 05:42:56 PM GMT
Message-ID: <>
Dear Ulrich,

>I'm not exactly sure about the meaning of "aliased" and "location" in the
>description of setarg/3

The description of setarg/3 is not complete, because to understand the
exact behaviour of setarg/3, you need to know something about
ECLiPSe/Prolog implementations, details that you don't normally need to
know for programming purposes. For example, that variables are implemented
as pointers to memory locations. The detailed and exact behaviour of
setarg/3 is dependent on these details, so we strongly discourage the use
of setarg, as mentioned in the documentation.

If what you want is some mutatable storage, ECLiPSe provide other safer
alternatives such as global references.


Kish Shen
Received on Thu Aug 25 18:47:01 2005

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