Re: passing structures from C++ to ECLiPSe

From: Jan Kelbel <>
Date: Wed 17 Aug 2005 05:54:33 PM GMT
Message-ID: <>
Joachim Schimpf wrote:
 >See this section of the Interfacing Manual for how to construct
 >a list in C++

Thank You for Your answer. I'm affraid it doesn't work and I wrote
the creation of the list this way:
     EC_word tasklist = nil();
     for (int i=2 ; i >= 0 ; --i)
         tasklist = list(T[i],tasklist);

I think that even my first solution of the list construction wasn't 
wrong, because in this section of Embedding & Interfacing Manual
there is this entry
     EC_word list(EC_refs&)
     creates an ECLiPSe list containing all the elements of the EC_refs.

So the bug is somewhere else. I also tried to run the program in Linux 
and I got the same error message:
instantiation fault in arg(1, _1842, N)

Any other suggestions?

Jan Kelbel
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