Running Eclipse from C++

From: Roman Buil <>
Date: Mon 18 Jul 2005 10:08:53 PM GMT
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Thank you for the answers of my last question.

I am using windows and Eclipse 5.8.

During the execution of my program, I call Eclipse "n" times, and I am
working with real numbers, so for every solution it find, it shows it in
a window. 

Is there anything I could do for don't get these messages?


For each iteration I get the following:


Found a solution with cost 6.0__6.0

Found a solution with cost 4.0__4.0

Found a solution with cost 2.0__2.0

Found a solution with cost 0.0__0.0

L_i = 0

Found a solution with cost -0.0__-0.0

L_i = 0


But sometimes, the text is longer with a lot of solutions.



Actually I have another question.

I know branch and bound algorithm complexity is at most exponential, but
how could I know the complexity of my problem if I am using the Eclipse
predicates (minimize,...)?


Thank you,

Roman Buil




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