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From: Karan <>
Date: Thu 14 Jul 2005 02:43:55 PM GMT
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I am very new to Eclipse and am refreshing what I learnt about Prolog a 
couple of years ago.
I need to use CLP for a particular project,

I have gone over the manual and tried out the sample senmoremoney example.

The problem I am facing is:
how do I know what are the predicates available to me in which library?
For instance,

smm :-
   X = [S,E,N,D,M,O,R,Y],
     X :: 0..9,
     M #> 0,
     S #> 0,
     1000*S + 100*E + 10*N + D + 1000*M + 100*O + 10*R + E #= 10000*M + 
1000*O + 100*N + 10*E + Y,

I was not able to figure out for quite some time which library I have to 
load to get this program to run. I browsed thru the ML archives and was 
able to find that I have to use lib(fd) for eclipse to recognize ::, etc.
So where can I get more information about libraries?

Thank you,
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