Re: Calling ECLiPSe from C++

From: christian <>
Date: Thu 30 Jun 2005 12:08:39 PM GMT
Message-ID: <002901c57d6c$76766de0$2806520a@cbraz>
     Please, refer to section 3.2 of "Embedding and Interfacing Manual".


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   From: Roman Buil 
   Sent: Wednesday, June 29, 2005 1:49 PM
   Subject: [eclipse-users] Calling ECLiPSe from C++


   I am trying to call ECLiPSe from C++ and I have a problem when I want to save the results that I obtain with ECLiPSe in my variables in C++.

   I have defined EC_refs variables to work in ECLiPSe but when they are instantiated I need to transform to integers, how could I make that?


   Thank you very much.


   Roman Buil 

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