How to use eplex ( cplex or xpress )

From: Kish Shen <>
Date: Tue 07 Jun 2005 11:55:17 AM GMT
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>	    ILOG    : OPLStlinuxTrial.tar.gz (CPLEX9.1)

The eplex_cplex library is designed to interface to CPLEX with a license. 
You seem to be using the trial version of OPL Studio. I don't know if
this use a normal CPLEX license, but I suspect it does not. I took a quick
look at the (trial) OPL Studio that I have, and I can't find a separate
CPLEX or a license file for it.

To use eplex with CPLEX with a normal license file, you need to have the
environment variable ILOG_LICENSE_FILE setup to point to where you license
file is. 

>  Do I must to get licence access.ilm from ILOG ?

Unless there is one with the OPL Studio you have, yes, you need the license
file access.ilm. ILOG does offer CPLEX at discounted prices for academic
users. See:

>2.Where to download CPLEX library file(if_cplex90.tgz) for window XP

We are not currently building a version of CPLEX 9.0 for Windows. We will
probably do so sometime in the future.

>3.When I use cplex_xpress of dash,  The error message is :
>How can I make it work?

I assume you mean eplex_xpress. Again, you need a license from Dash. Dash
does offer free academic licenses to Universities through their Academic
Partner Program. See


Kish Shen
IC-Parc, Imperial College London
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