Re: Matlab& Eclipse

From: Joachim Schimpf <>
Date: Thu 28 Apr 2005 10:53:23 AM GMT
Message-ID: <>
Fiora Pirri wrote:
> Have you any idea on how to
> interface Matlab and Eclipse without passing through C?

I have personally no experience with Matlab, so I'm cc-ing your
request to the eclipse-users mailing list in the hope that someone
out there knows more.

In general, it is relatively easy to make loose connections between
ECLiPSe and other systems using either

- pipes (see exec/2,3 predicates): This requires that Matlab has a
   kind of command-line version that can be controlled from ECLiPSe.
   I'm not sure this is the case.

- sockets (socket/3, bind/2, connect/3, select/3 etc predicates):
   This requires that Matlab have language facilities to open and
   communicate with sockets. I couldn't find anything of that sort
   in Matlab's documentation, but i only had a quick look.

- named pipes: this should be possible (on Unix at least) since Matlab
   can do file I/O. An example of such an interface is the ECLiPSe
   interface to GAP. See the file gap.ecl in your ECLiPSe's lib directory
   (it is in the eclipse_source package of the ECLiPSe 5.8 distribution).

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