problem whith disjuntive/2

From: ludovic picouays <>
Date: Thu 10 Mar 2005 05:17:14 PM GMT
Message-ID: <>
I have a problem with disjunctive/2 predicat.
I used the cumulative/4 predicat without problem, and when i use this
other predicat to test it, i had a problem of bad format.

The line which fails : ic_edge_finder:disjunctive(Ti,Pi)

where Ti is a variable list of my start time and Pi is a list of
integer of my durations.

And when my program arrives on this line there is that message : 

bad format of the variable attribute in insert_suspension([T1{[2 ..
8]}, T2{[5 .. 13]}] - [6, 4], 'SUSP-_518-susp', 5, ic)

Has someone an idea?
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