About the performance of named references / non-logical variable

From: Ulrich Scholz <ulrich.scholz_at_eml-d.villa-bosch.de>
Date: Fri 25 Feb 2005 02:10:26 PM GMT
Message-ID: <20050225141026.GE2674@eml-d.villa-bosch.de>
Hi everybody,

I wonder about the performance of using a named reference compared of using
an additional argument of a predicate.  And how about a non-logical
variable?  Are they much slower?

Another question I ponder upon:

Do the constraint packages of ECLiPSe, e.g., ic use informed backtracking
techniques as backjumping and backmarking?  I guess not.

And it would be hard to implement them, wouldn't it?

Thanks, Uli
Ulrich Scholz

Personal Memory Group
European Media Laboratory GmbH
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