Re: Using Eclipse with Xpress-MP

From: Kish Shen <>
Date: Thu 17 Feb 2005 05:34:56 PM GMT
Message-Id: <>

>I'm trying to use eplex library with XPress-MP free student version as
>external solver.

Which version of Xpress-MP is your student version? 

We currently only distribute eplex with the full version of Xpress-MP 
15.25 (2004C). You need a license to use this.

I think the student version of Xpress uses a different dynamic library
files from the full version. What I think you are doing with setting
the eplex_lic_info.ecl to the student license file is to attempt to use
the full version of Xpress with the student license, which I am guessing
is the problem (we don't have the student version of Xpress ourselves,
although we are trying to negotiate with Dash to distribute it with
ECLiPSe). Do you get any other error messages beside the "Error in
external function in cplex_loadprob(...)"? I would certainly expect
that there is an earlier error message, when you load lib(eplex_xpress),
telling you that there are licensing problems.


Kish Shen
Received on Thu Feb 17 17:36:24 2005

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