resetting Eclipse and embeddedEngine vs OutOfProcessEngine

From: Cornelius Hagen <>
Date: Thu 09 Dec 2004 02:42:14 PM GMT
Message-ID: <000001c4ddfd$46210510$35020d8d@chagen2>

I have two questions about 
1) a way of completely resetting Eclipse.
2) the java interface concerning EmbeddedEclipse and OutOfProcessEclipse.

I wrote a program performing a series of requests to eclipse analogously to
the example for using queues in the eclipse docs.
I'd like to use it in a server application and therefore I am interested in
some mechanism to reset or restart eclipse.

The program performs iterated requests according to the following scheme:
An iteration looks like this:

* create_module( d )
* compile file using rps and a CompoundTerm:
	rpc: com.parctechnologies.eclipse.CompoundTermImpl with [functor=@
arity=2 arg(1)
	 com.parctechnologies.eclipse.CompoundTermImpl with [functor=compile
arity=1 arg(1)=..\work	\] arg(2)
=com.parctechnologies.eclipse.Atom with [functor=d]]
* export( foo/1 ) @ d		% a basicEllipse is a relation in file1
* StartSearchThread:d:foo( Arg )
	% get results via queue
* erase_module( d )

Currently the program uses EmbeddedEclipse that cannot be instantiated after
it has been deleted. In this case I would need a complete reset of the

But I also tried out to use OutOfProcessEclipse instead of EmbeddedEclipse
in order to be able to delete and reinstantiate Eclipse if necessary.

I only changed the source code at the line instanitating the Eclipse-object.
Then, with OutOfProcessEclipse I got the following problem.

The first iteration works fine. All results are returned.

In the second iteration 
create_module( d ) succeeds, but the compile file step does not return.
When pausing the debugger I see that the thread with my call to the rpc
method waits in SocketInputStream.socketRead0(...)

Can anybody help?

Many thanks,
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