Re: Variables with the same name

From: Kish Shen <>
Date: Wed 08 Dec 2004 07:12:27 PM GMT
Message-Id: <>

>That's dangerous if the terms are rwitten to a file and read in again - the
>two Ys become one. I tried to use write_term/2 with the variables(full) 

>I'm using ...
>    Version 5.2 #10, Tue Jun 26 02:14 2001

ECLiPSe version 5.2 does not have write_term/2,3 as built-ins (they are
however available in lib(iso)).

>Any suggestions out there?

You can use writeq to write out your terms in your version of ECLiPSe.
However, you may want to consider updating your ECLiPSe, as it is quite
old, and write_term/2,3 are supported as built-ins in the current 
version (5.7).


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