Parser in ECLiPSe Prolog

From: Ulrich Scholz <>
Date: Thu 02 Dec 2004 02:21:12 PM GMT
Message-ID: <>
Hi everybody,

I'm about to write a parser for a LISP-style language.  I guess that
the features of Prolog (and of ECLiPSe Prolog in particular) allow a
clean and simple implementation.  But I'm not sure if I know all these

Could you please point me to resources on how to program a parser in
(ECLiPSe) Prolog.  I'm already familiar with parsers and compilers in

I also like to learn from examples.  If you know of a good parser in
(ECLiPSe) Prolog, please tell me.

Thank you, Uli

Ulrich Scholz
Received on Thu Dec 02 16:39:51 2004

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