Reading a file and converting the input to integers...

From: Mark A. Hennessy <>
Date: Tue 19 Oct 2004 12:23:20 PM GMT
Message-ID: <>
  Hi there,

    I am reading input from a file which consists of an N x N set of 
numbers.  I want to convert these number strings into integers which I 
use to represent the domains of variables I want to define for my 
problem. While I can easily convert a number string to an integer using 
number_string/2 I'm finding a problem with trying to convert the list of 
number strings I've created from the input file into a list of integers. 
I have tried to use a double foreach as follows

/Domains/ is defined as a list of number strings read in from a file: 

 foreach(D,NewDomainList) do

I thought this would allow me to build up a new list, /NewDomainList/ of 
integers that I could then use to define the domains of my variables. It 
does not work so I'm hoping someone who knows Eclipse better than I can 
help. I would prefer to continue to read the in file in the above format 
since this is the format the problem generator I'm using outputs.

Thanks in advance,
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