Re: Eclipse and CPLEX 9.0

From: Joachim Schimpf <>
Date: Tue 12 Oct 2004 02:43:24 PM GMT
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Aykut Firat wrote:
> Hello,
> I have an academically licensed copy of CPLEX 9.0 in my machine and it runs
> with the token based (one call at a time) licensing of ILM (license
> manager).  I tried (sequentially) adding the following lines  in
>, but neither worked(the cplex api calls fails):
> licence('',cplex,'90',"ILOG_LICENSE_FILE=//C/ILOG/ILM/ACCESS.ILM", 
> 743542).

This looks wrong. The last two arguments (the string and the number) are
passed to the ilog function CPXRegisterLicense(). The string should be
starting with "LICENSE ILOG ...". But see below.

> licence('',cplex,'90','', 0).

If you have an ilog licence manager (ilmd) running, this simple form
should indeed be enough. Try with


If your cplex 9 licence allows you to run older versions as well (which
i think is the case), then this should allow you to run Eclipse with

> I traced into eplex_s.ecl and did not see how it would load the cplex90.dll
> unless it was placed under the i386_nt directory. I put the dll there, but
> it still did not work, which was not surprising given that ecplex75.dll is
> probably not identical to the dll you acquired from CPLEX (or is it?).
> I wonder if it is at all possible to use cplex version 9 with eclipse.

Since there are usually quite a number of changes between cplex versions,
we need to rebuild eplex (the Eclipse <-> Cplex/Xpress interface) specially
for each new version. At the moment, we only build 7.5 on Windows, but,
as i said above, you might be able to run that with your 9.0 licence.

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