Re: fork an Eclipse process keeping all asserted predicates

From: Kish Shen <>
Date: Thu 23 Sep 2004 11:48:58 AM GMT
Message-Id: <>
Hi Alessandra,

>I have a problem about forking a new Eclipse process.
>I want to fork a new Eclipse process, passing it all assert predicates of
>parent process.

Forking a process (using exec/3) in ECLiPSe is done by the Operating
System, and is not a `native' ECLiPSe operation. There is no direct way to
pass the state of one ECLiPSe process to another in this scheme, as the
ECLiPSe started is a separate ECLiPSe.

>At the moment I know how to do an Eclipse process passing it a Goal with
>the command

The only way to get the state you want in the forked ECLiPSe is to get
Goal to reproduce it: in your case the asserted predicates in the parent
ECLiPSe would need to be asserted in the forked ECLiPSe. [By the way, do
you really want to assert these predicates rather than compiling them?]
One way to do this is to write the predicates to a file and then when
you fork off the process, use Goal to read (or compile) the predicates
back in the forked process.


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