Eclipse VEP 0.5 plugin not working

From: Pablo Salinas <>
Date: Wed 11 Aug 2004 08:16:01 PM GMT
Message-ID: <>
Hi there,
          I am completely new to Eclipse and Java
programming. I need to use Java in my final degree
project. That is why I checked for free sdks available
and found all these great reviews about eclipse.
So, I installed eclipse 2.1-3 and 3.0 on my "FEDORA
CORE 1 machine", and they worked just fine. My machine
has j2sdk1.4.2_04 installed on it.
Then, I tried to install the Visual Editor Pluging
(VEP 0.5). I've downloaded and unzipped GEF, emf and
VEP zip files into the eclipse directories, for both
versions of eclipse (2.1-3 and 3.0).
But, for both versions I get the same error dialog
boxes when I try to open the Visual Editor:

Visual Editor for Java Error
Error trying to set new file into editor.


Errors Running Operations
Create Remove VM for Visual Editor for Java (Error: An
internal error ocurred during: "Create Remove VM for
Visual Editor for Java")

I believe that it should be some type of configuration
problem, but I have no idea on how to fix it. I've
searched through the net and found no info about this
Please, somebody help me. I am on hurry here.

thanks in advance,
                   Pablo Salinas

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