Search technique in ECLiPSe?

From: Sirirat Muenvanichakul <>
Date: Thu 08 Jul 2004 04:58:46 AM GMT
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I'm working on the permutation problem as quadratic assignmnet problem, which is in the sense seeking an optimal permutation of objects. I applied the idea with the "all-different" global constraint, which requires that the solution be a permutation. 

I used the "fd" search procedure "labeling" in Eclipse and as I know, the search method of Eclipse is depth-first search and backtracking.

At each node of the search tree algorithm, it may executes a four-step procedure: inference, solution of the relaxation, completion of the solution, and branching. 
Also, each step can be applied by several types of logic processing or technique. 
For example, constraint generation, domain reduction, or cutting plane (etc.) are the techniques for inference step.
What are techniques of search applied in Eclipse?  
What suggestion if I would improve the quality of search technique in Eclipse? 



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