Logtalk 2.17.1 now available for downloading

From: Paulo Moura <pmoura_at_di.ubi.pt>
Date: Sun 06 Jun 2004 11:12:29 PM GMT
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Logtalk 2.17.1 is now available for downloading from the Logtalk web 


This version features new programming examples, provides support for 
documenting exceptions in info/2 directives, fixes a compilation 
problem with B-Prolog, adds a mode bundle for the new SubEthaEdit 2.x 
(MacOS X) text editor, and more.

 From the release notes:

* Added custom handling of specification of predicate exceptions in 
info/2 documenting directives when writing XML documenting files 
(declared as "exceptions is [Cond1-Term1, Cond2-Term2, ...]"; each pair 
(Condi, Termi) represents an error condition and its respective 

* Changed debugger command "e" to print exception terms instead of 
exiting Logtalk session.

* Corrected a compilation error with B-Prolog due to operator 

* Corrected a possible problem with the redefinition of loaded entities 
that define (possibly at runtime) dynamic predicates. All clauses for 
an entity dynamic predicates are retracted before loading the new 
entity definition.

* Corrected a potential bug when pretty printing terms with variables 
in the debugger and in the created XML documenting files.

* Added four more DCGs examples ("walker movements", "iterative shell 
command parsing", "bill of materials", and "command language").

* New "puzzles" and "metainterpreters" examples.

* Added a mode bundle for the SubEthaEdit 2.x (MacOS X) text editor 
providing syntax coloring for editing Logtalk source files. Optimized 
some of the regular expressions in the syntax coloring files for the 
Kate/Kwrite and Vim text editors.

* Removed predicate nth/3 from library entities listp, list, and 
difflist. Replaced by the predicates nth0/3 and nth1/3. Added new 
predicates nth1/4 and nth0/4.

* Updated the config file for Quintus Prolog to make use of the "files" 

* Added experimental implementations for some Prolog compilers of the 
library portable protocol for operating system access (systemp.lgt). 
See the file library/experimental/NOTES for details.

The CVS tag for this release is "lgt2171".

Happy logtalking!


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