Passing a long C type by a handle

From: Christian Cleber Masdeval Braz - DATAPREVMS <>
Date: Fri 16 Apr 2004 10:48:44 PM GMT
Message-ID: <7ADACC016F363D4E8A140E631B3246F10A8B62C9@wtrjo098>
     i need to pass a long C type variable to the is/2 predicate. I make the
method table whose set method is
     int set(t_ext_ptr obj, int idx, pword data)
        long x;
        EC_word y(data).
        *((long*)obj) = x;
        return 0;
    Then i submit the following goal
    long x;
    cout << x;
    What i expect is the assign of 20 to the C variable, but the error
       " type error in  is 20 in module eclipse'
    is occurring.
    Best regards, 
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