Re: eclipse fatal error

From: Andrew Cheadle <>
Date: Tue 17 Feb 2004 04:47:53 PM GMT
Message-ID: <>
Hi Jacinta

On Mon, Feb 16, 2004 at 03:10:08PM +0000, Jacinta Doyle Somers wrote:
> I am receiving an Eclipse fatal error: dictionary overflow in atom/functor creation.  Does anybody have any ideas as to what this error is and how to avoid it?

The ECLiPSe dictionary stores information pertaining to atoms and the
functors of predicates. The dictionary is, for various reasons,a fixed
size. As the error message states, the number of atoms created is exceeding
the capacity of the dictionary.  more, these atoms are being considered
as live, since the dictionary garbage collector is unable to discard entries
from the dictionary.

When reporting a problem you have with ECLiPSe, please state the version of
ECLiPSe you are using, the operating system, and if necessary the
architecture and hardware on which it is running.

I am guessing that you are unaware that your program is creating a large
number of atoms? If you are aware, could you please state what you are doing
/ what you are trying to achieve and I'll try and suggest an alternative.

The obvious answer to 'how to avoid it?' would be to not create so many atoms

If it's not due to the explicit creation of atoms, is it possible you are 
dynamicaly generating ECLiPSe code with a large number of predicates?

If you could provide some outline as to what your ECLiPSe code does, and if
possible (i.e. it's small/toy enough) attach it with the query that causes
the problem, we can have a go at suggesting alternatives.


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