[eclipse-uers] eclipse.lib error :: Bad object file eclipse.lib near file offset 0

From: Cbraz <cbraz_at_alanet.com.br>
Date: Wed 14 Jan 2004 12:55:36 AM GMT
Message-Id: <20040113235536.82A7B6D4229@zion.alanet.com.br>

I`am trying to execute the embedding exemples of Eclipse but when i join the eclipse.lib in the project i have a "Bad object file eclipse.lib near file offset 0".
If i recreate the eclipse.lib (with a borland utility) the file work but the linker gives the error "Unresolved external _ec__imp_". Only this function dosent exist in the new eclipse.lib file that was created.

Someone have used the embedding interface of eclipse with a borland c++ compiler in a windows environment??


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