Re: library(graph_algorithms)

From: Marc van Dongen <>
Date: Tue 11 Nov 2003 11:17:09 AM GMT
Message-ID: <>
Andrew John Sadler ( wrote:

: If you only want to add/remove edges you can try these predicates.
: They're reasonably efficient, though in no way supported by the
: ECLiPSe team, nor are they guaranteed to work in any future (or past)
: versions of ECLiPSe.
: Also note, that some operations may take longer once a graph has been
: modified (get_incoming_edges/3).  Also note that tools like the
: Visualisation Client will NOT be notified of such changes to the graph
: structure.

[code snipped]
: PS. It is probably not a good idea to modify the graph in this way
: whilst any resatisfiable predicates are running on the graph.

Thanks a mille Andrew. This is very much appreciated. I'll try this out
over the weekend and see how it works.

Thanks again.


Marc van Dongen
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