RE: Incomplete tree search algorithms: references?

From: Helmut Simonis <>
Date: Mon 10 Nov 2003 04:06:15 PM GMT
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a reference for credit-based search is

N. Beldiceanu, E. Bourreau, P. Chan, D. Rivreau
Partial Search Strategy in CHIP
2nd International Conference on Metaheuristics - MIC 97
Sophia Antipolis, France July 21-24, 1997


Helmut Simonis

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ECLiPSe tutorial refers to various incomplete tree search algorithms.
there are no references. Do you know any references about

Credit Search, Bounded Backtrack Search, and Depth Bounded Search?

I used them in my experiments and would need some citations but I really
know anything about original articles. So, any references would be very
helful for

Thanks a lot,


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