Java Interface: Collection to List?

From: Jordan C N Chong <>
Date: Wed 03 Sep 2003 11:55:26 AM GMT
Message-ID: <>
Dear all,

I have a question of List (or java.util.Collection). I have constructed a
Prolog program and a Java interface. The program supposedly generates a list
of predicates for instance "[a(1), b(2), c(3)]", but when I use the Java
interface to do the job by:
            CompoundTerm result = program.calculate(query);

I couldn't get the list, but a Collection of elements. I wonder if there is
a simple way to transfer the Collection back to the Prolog list??

Thank you very much.

Best regards,
Jordan Chong
Department of EEMCS
University of Twente
Received on Wed Sep 03 14:00:35 2003

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