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From: Sebastian Sardina <>
Date: Wed 25 Jun 2003 02:14:05 AM GMT
Message-Id: <>
I am trying to figure out what is the best way to handle asynchronous
events with ECLIPSE.

So far I have the following system in ECLIPSE that has 2 independent
processes under Linux:

* ECLIPSE program A: does a lot of things, and is connected with program
via socket. I redefined the input/output interrupt to handle any message
coming from B. When B sends something, A handles the message and then
continues with its job

* ECLIPSE program B: is just a simple program that can send at any time
a message to program A

Everything works perfect in Linux, but:

(a) presumably, one should not use interrupts unless it is really
necessary right?

(b) I cannot use the system under Windows because I cannot modify the
input-output interrupt handler.

So I wonder if there is any way I can avoid interrupts and use events
instead. The problem is that BOTH programs are in ECLIPSE Prolog so
program B cannot simply trigger an event on process A (as one would do
from a C/C++ program using ec_post_event() function). 

Is there any way of triggering an event on A whenever B sends some data
via the socket? Maybe it is inevitable to put some C/C++ code between A
and B so that such code would use ec_post_event() to throw an event in

Any clues?

Thanks a lot!

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