arithmetic expressions simplifier

From: Chris Meudec <MEUDECC_at_ITCARLOW.IE>
Date: Tue 13 May 2003 10:42:49 AM GMT
Message-ID: <3EC0DA4E.29383.6BFC2A@localhost>
Hi all,
I am looking for an arithmetic expressions simplifier. I have been using by O'Keefe distributed with eclipse but it is quite limited in that it 
only simplies ground terms.

I need something that simplifies say, A+A+A+1+3*A+2+3-B-B into 6*A 
+ 6-2*B. Basically the output should be in a human readable form.

Any pointer as to where I might find such a thing?

Christophe Meudec PhD 
CPM Department                  Phone +353 (0)59 9176266
Institute of Technology         Fax +353 (0)59 9170517
Carlow, Ireland                 Room 911
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