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From: josh singer <>
Date: Tue 22 Apr 2003 08:46:57 AM GMT
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Hi Kevin,

One idea, if you don't mind programming a bit of Java, is that you could use
a servlet or JSP-based architecture to invoke ECLiPSe queries from the web.
You'd have to install a servlet container such as Tomcat on your machine and
then write a Java servlet which posts queries through the ECLiPSe-Java
interface. One benefit of this is that it can then be used on any servlet

Hope this helps,


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From: Kevin Raja []
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Subject: Eclipse on Windows


I am using a WindowsXP Platform/(Apache)web server and also have eclipse
installed on it and would like to know if it possible to "launch" eclipse
code wia the web... I.e User enters his
info into text fields and clicks submit, is it then possible to initiates
eclipse code and returns an answer/output onto the browser for the user
to view???

I know a solution exists for a unix platform, by using shell script to
eclipse and giving eclipse a file to compile (using the -b switch), but
does/can a similar solution exist in windows?

Please help,
kind regards,

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