+VarMatrix in sbds_initialise

From: Lim Yew Jin <limyewji_at_comp.nus.edu.sg>
Date: Tue 08 Apr 2003 04:52:12 PM GMT
Message-ID: <000b01c2fdef$3a3aac50$0401a8c0@g0203464>
Dear all,

   I am interested in using fd_sbds but I am confused by the variable
VarMatrix in sbds_initialize. The documentation says "VarMatrix is the
matrix of variables, which are searched over to allocate values to." 
   What type of matrix is this? Is it a list of lists or a functor? 

   Also, is there a working example that uses lib(fd_sbds) available?
The snippets of code sprinkled in the documentation do not really show
how to use lib(fd_sbds). 

   Any help appreciated. Thanks.
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