RE: Problem with repeatedly compiling files with partly the same content and EmbeddedEclipse

From: Cornelius Hagen <>
Date: Thu 13 Mar 2003 05:05:26 PM GMT
Message-ID: <000001c2e982$be0034a0$89020d8d@CHAGEN>
Hi Josh,
this sounds very interesting. I tried it out with DosEclipse, e.g.
1) create_module(d).
2) module(d).
3) compile(file). [containts some facts and a relation foo]
4) state a query: foo(X,Y).  (and get the correts answers)
5) erase_module(d).
6) foo(X,Y) (calling an undefined procedure, correct) 
Two questions remain:
* How do I change the active module with the java interface? The docs
say, module/1 used in a file does not make this module the active one
(with DocEclipse, and its function in DOsEclipse is special, so I can't
use it with java.)
* Actually, my predicate foo communicates with some queues via
write_exdr and read_exdr. Do I need to declare them as tools when I
compile the file in an extra module?
Thank you
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