importing Semantic Web knowledge resources into Eclipse

From: J.R. van Ossenbruggen <>
Date: Thu 30 Jan 2003 04:22:23 PM GMT
Message-Id: <>
My eclipse application needs, before it can setup the actual
constraint related problem, to import information that resides in
Semantic Web related formats such as RDF, RDF Schema (and, in the
future, likely OWL).  For example, some of the constraints on an
object will depend on the object's position in a RDF Schema class

I'm reluctant to use Eclipse XML support, as that would give me only
support on the syntactic level.  On the other hand, there are many
higher level tools available that support the semantics of the RDF
family, but that would require to glue these tools to my eclipse

Are there any plans for RDF support in future versions of Eclipse? If
not, have people experience in combining Eclipse with RDF-based tools?

Any help would be appreciated,

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