TSP formulation

From: Jesper Hansen Ph.D.Student (jc 1/2002) <jha_at_imm.dtu.dk>
Date: Thu 02 Jan 2003 01:51:55 PM GMT
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Hi eclipse users

I stumbled over a Travelling Salesman Problem formulation that looked 
quite neat compared to the wellknown MIP formulation with an exponential 
no. of subtour elimination constraints. It looks something like this:

\min \sum_{i=1,...,n} c_{y_i,y_{i+1}}
y_{n+1} = y_1,
y_i \in \{1,...,n\}, i=1,...,n+1

I was wondering how to formulate it in ECLiPSe. c is a matrix, which is 
indexed in the objective function by variables, but as far as I know 
this is not possible in ECLiPSe. Is there another way to do it or is 
this just another CLP showoff of simple formulations? ;-)


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