Re: Using C-Predicates in Eclipse

From: Georg Fette <>
Date: Wed 04 Dec 2002 03:47:11 AM GMT
Message-ID: <007c01c29b47$d7517ba0$0400a8c0@wunder>
I tried to make a dll but I did not work, too.
My cpp-file looks like this :

#include <eclipseclass.h>
extern "C" int p_xxx() {
 return 1;
int main(void) {
 return 1;

I compile with Visual Studio 6.0.
I can load the resulting .exe but the function "external(xxx/0, p_xxx)."
fails with the error :
External function does not exist in external_(xxx / 0, p_xxx, eclipse)
When I try "external(xxx/0, _p_xxx)." (with the additional '_', which the
compiler adds) I get this error:
instantiation fault in external_(xxx / 0, _p_xxx, eclipse)

What I thought interesting was the fact, that when I rename my code-file in
'main.c' and use this code :

#include <eclipse.h>
__declspec(dllexport) int p_xxx() {
 return 1;
int main(void) {
 return 1;

The whole thing works. But I want to use C++.
What do I have to do get it work with cpp-files ? Could someone please send
me a working example ?

Furthermore :
- How can I unload a "load"ed external file. I can only delete or rename the
loaded files, when I close Eclipse, so that all handlers are removed.
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