indomain/2 gives type error in version 5.5 (not before!)

From: Sebastian Sardina <>
Date: Fri 29 Nov 2002 04:46:32 AM GMT
Message-Id: <>

I have fd and fd_search loaded:

[eclipse 35]: X :: [red, blue, green], indomain(X, random).
type error in indomain(_248{[blue, green, red]}, random)

[eclipse 36]: X :: [red, blue, green], indomain(X, split).
type error in indomain(_248{[blue, green, red]}, split)

However, if X is an integer domain, there is no problem:

[eclipse 38]: X :: [1,2, 100, 341], indomain(X, random).

X = 100
More (0.00s cpu) ?

Now, this used to work in version 5.3 perfectly and I was able to use
indomain/2 with random choices with variables with symbolic domains.

Did something chang with (symbolic) finite domains?


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