From: Karen E Petrie <scomkep_at_zeus.hud.ac.uk>
Date: Wed 02 Oct 2002 03:42:03 PM GMT
Message-Id: <200210021542.QAA03921@dvorak.hud.ac.uk>
Dear all,

How does the occurrences predicate propagate?

I want to have a List of N variables, and say that one of these N 
variables takes a specific value V. So I could use: 

occurences(V, List, 1). 

I would need two of these relations to say that two different variables 
appear in the list at least once.

occurences(V1, List, 1),
occurences(V2, List, 2)

So I am interested in knowing how this would propagate? Is there a better 

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