Re: Question about singleton variable names

From: Joachim Schimpf <>
Date: Thu 18 Jul 2002 11:00:14 AM GMT
Message-ID: <>
"J.R. van Ossenbruggen" wrote:
> However, read_term(+Stream, ?Term, [singletons(S)), returns
> also the variable names starting with '_' (e.g. _Foobar).

According to my interpretation of the ISO Prolog standard,
this behaviour is correct. It states that the list must
contain all non-anonymous variables which occur only once.
Anonymous variables are defined as the ones written as _ only.

> Since Logtalk uses the latter to warn me about singletons, this results
> in a lot of unwanted warnings.

A convention, like suppressing warnings for certain name patterns,
should be implemented by the caller of read_term. In this case,
it should filter out names that satisfy sub_atom(Name,1,1,'_').

> Is there a way to suppress the underscored
> variables in read_term(+Stream, ?Term, [singletons(S))?

No, and I don't think there should be one.

Paulo Moura wrote:
> I think that the ECLiPSe implementation of the singletons/1 option of
> the read_term/3 predicate should check the flag that you mention above
> and act accordingly. This will solve the problem. Is this a bug or a
> matter of flag scope?

I believe it is in general a bad idea to have the results of
built-in predicates vary with global flag settings.

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