Re: syntax error: postfix/infix operator expected

From: Andrew John Sadler <>
Date: Fri 24 May 2002 08:30:24 AM GMT
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   From: Jesper Hansen <>
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   I get the error "syntax error: postfix/infix operator expected" in the

    Gij #= 1 #=> X + LI #<= SX,
	       ^ here

   What is the problem?  Thanks in advance.


Hi Jesper,

I assume that you are now using the IC library instead of the FD
library.  In the IC library, the reified connectives were re-named to
'and', 'or', '=>', so you code snippet would become...

Gij #= 1 => X + LI #=< SX

Note also that the #<= convenience has been removed to become more
consistent with other solvers and so you must use #=< instead.

If you have any problems let us know.

Andrew Sadler
Received on Fri May 24 10:30:37 2002

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