Re: running embedded ECLiPSe from IBMJava2-13?

From: Lloyd Kamara <>
Date: Mon 18 Mar 2002 12:48:07 PM GMT
Message-ID: <>
On 3/18/02, 10:02:25 AM, "J.R. van Ossenbruggen" 
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embedded ECLiPSe from IBMJava2-13? :

> Any tips about getting ECLiPSe to run with IBMJava2-13 would be highly 

Hello, I think this is related to an issue I reported about
a month ago.  I include the message I sent to the ECLiPSe
developers, for reference:

I have notice that when eclipse checks to see
whether the Eclipse-Java interface is supported
on the current platform, it is quite strict.
It wants os.arch to be i386.  This causes it to
refuse to run when (say) the IBM SDK is used under
Linux (System properties are "Linux" for ""
and "x86" for "os.arch").  At the moment, I use
the following code to circumvent this:

if ( (System.getProperty( "" ).equals("Linux") ) ) {
  if ( (System.getProperty( "os.arch" ).equals("x86") ) ) {
        System.setProperty("os.arch", "i386");

You could probably achieve the same thing by specifying
-Dos.arch=i386 on the command line (note: you will not
be able to change system properties in security conscious
Java contexts such as Applets, unless appropriate provisions
have been made).

The developers have already indicated that the os.arch
requirement will be "relaxed" in the next ECLiPSe release.

	Lloyd Kamara
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