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Date: Thu 14 Feb 2002 02:43:59 PM GMT
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Dear Colleagues,

Following a number of requests to provide material to teach ECLiPSe and use ECLiPSe to teach
constraint  programming and hybridization for undergraduates, we created an ECLiPSe Summer School.
The first summer school will be held during the week of Sept 3rd -6th, at Wye College, Kent, UK.
The course will be suitable for ECLiPSe users and people who plan to teach and use ECLiPSe (see

If you are interested in attending the Summer School, please let us know ASAP since we need to book
the  adequate conference room very soon. Fees will be approximately 62 per day all inclusive
(accomodation/meals/breaks/registration), and leisure of course.

Best regards,

Mark Wallace
Carmen Gervet

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I am very interested and intend to attend the summer school   []
I am interested and will probably attend the summer school    []
I will most certainly not be able to attend the summer school   []

IC-Parc Imperial College
London SW7 2AZ  UK
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