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From: josh singer <>
Date: Wed 09 Jan 2002 02:52:55 PM GMT
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Dear Heiko,

We considered the very same question in relation to Parc Technologies'
applications a few months ago. The solution which was agreed on (though I
don't think it has been implemented yet) was somewhat involved, but has the
advantage of being applicable to both EmbeddedEclipse and
RemoteEclipse/OutOfProcessEclipse. It is basically a "polling" solution,
which reflects the synchronous nature of the Java-ECLiPSe interface. 

On the Java side you have a ToEclipseQueue which is used solely to signal
abort messages from Java. You have a QueueListener on this queue. Whenever
the dataRequest method of this QueueListener is invoked, it writes a message
which means either "abort" or "continue" on the queue. Which of these is
sent can depend on the state of a boolean on the Java side, which can be set
by a method running in a thread other than the thread which called rpc (e.g.
the event thread).

On the Eclipse side you set up an "after-event timer" which posts an event
at regular time intervals. The handler of this event reads from the Eclipse
end of the ToEclipseQueue mentioned above. If it reads "continue", it
succeeds; if it reads "abort", it throws an error. 

If you implement this, do get back to us with any feedback as we were
considering at one stage writing an ECLiPSe library to set it up, although
there are no immediate plans to do so.

Hope this helps, 

Josh Singer

Developer, Parc Technologies Limited

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Subject: [eclipse-users] interrupt java rpc execution


is it possible to interrupt a java rpc execution?
(e.g. send an interrupt event to eclipse?)
Or is there any other possibility to terminate a
long running eclipse execution?



P.S: I use the embedded eclipse engine.
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