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Date: Wed 12 Dec 2001 04:24:22 PM GMT
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I worked on a project where we hit this limitation, essentially to have
a generic graph with references in it.

We chose to have have the variable once, and any other reference to the
same variable represented as terms like reference([2,3,5,3]) where the
represent a path from the root of the term to the referenced variable. If
know beforehand that you are not dealing with any general term, so you can
a functor to represent variable sharing then this works.

You can also use this above to represent shared subtrees in a term which is
what we were doing.

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Subject: [eclipse-users] Java - CompoundTerm - Variable


Is there no possibilities to represent a term with multiple occurences to 
return it to Java ?
>Using CompoundTerm you cannot represent a term with multiple occurrences of

>a single variable.



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