Re: bug in ECLiPSe 4.1.0

From: Warwick Harvey <>
Date: Thu 15 Nov 2001 12:05:32 PM GMT
Message-ID: <>
On Wed, Nov 14, 2001 at 06:59:30PM -0600, Tony Kusalik wrote:
> Warwick wrote:
> > Yes, it does.  The problem is integer overflow: 220 times the default FD
> > bounds overlows a 32-bit integer.  I believe this kind of problem occurs
> > with most finite domain solvers (though that's no excuse :).
> actually, it doesn't:

[demonstration of SICStus working deleted]

Hi Tony,

Please note that I did not claim that *all* FD solvers had that problem, nor
that SICStus in particular had that problem.  And kudos to them for doing it

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