Re: Limits of ECLiPSe ?

From: Olivier Thirifay <>
Date: Mon 22 Oct 2001 03:31:08 PM GMT
Message-ID: <>

It return me a message : out of swap space in memory allocation.
I use ECLiPSe 5.2 on Windows NT 4.
I tried to launch ECLiPSe on the command dos prompt with the command
-h400M but it doesn't change :-(

I know there a lot of possibilities.
I also forgot to say that I use findall(V,predicat1(V),R) because I need all 
the results


>I doubt you mean that ECLiPSe crashed.  If it did, please provide us with 
>more information, such as the error message reported, the exact query 
>used,which version of ECLiPSe you were using, and which operating system 
>you were
>using it with.
>What you probably mean is that you ran out of patience before ECLiPSe had
>explored all the possibilities.  There are 399598401600 different solutions
>to your predicate.

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